This shark certainly has some bite—and she’ll use it when necessary.

During her Saturday Night Live debut on Jan. 15, West Side Story‘s Ariana DeBose was so excited she accidentally said“Wow, 2020 has already been an exciting year”—which one viewer won’t let go.

“She know it’s 2022 not 2020 right????” the critic wrote underneath a clip of the monologue posted to SNL‘s Instagram. And this Anita wasn’t going to let that hate slide. “You try hosting SNL, reading cue cards with slight dislexia [sic],” she replied, “and then get back to me brah.”

Though her friend and activist Julissa Natzely Arce Raya thought it was part of the joke, this social media user was not having it: “Maybe get someone who isn’t on level with Joe Biden at reading since that’s a qualification to acting….Reading lines….No wasn’t a joke.”

Alas, DeBose got the final word—and rightfully so. “Cool,” she replied. “You’re a troll. Bye.”

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