Harry James Thornton is showing a new side on the Feb. 9 episode of E!’s Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules.

The son of Billy Bob Thornton and a father himself, Harry finds himself getting vulnerable in this sneak peek clip after he and co-star Ebie seek a quiet refuge from a group of kids visiting the ranch.

“Everyone thinks that because I have kids, I’m the dad guy or whatever,” Harry, who shares two daughters with Magi Monet, says. “But it’s like, I’m no fun. Kids don’t think I’m fun.”

Ebie tries to assure him that he doesn’t “have to be super daddy” just because there’s kids around, but Harry admits he struggles with his own brood, too.

“I don’t know what to do at home,” he adds. “Magi, like, flips out on me all the time. She always talks about what ‘normal dads’ do…Anything that I say is boring. I don’t know how to fit in with adults. I don’t know how to fit in with kids.”

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