E!: The tour is called Vaccinated and Horny. You’re vaccinated but are you still horny?

CH: Yeah, I’m just horny for one person now.

E!: Has your perspective on comedy changed at all now that you’re in a relationship?

CH: No, I mean, that doesn’t really change the core of who you are, or the core of your kind of point of point of view. It’s definitely a part of my standup now, my relationship with him, because of my feelings towards men in general, just being a little bit slow on the uptake of what’s been happening the last few years. Jo came along at a moment where I had given up on men and I just thought, ‘Oh, my God, they’re all hopeless.’ And then I was reminded that they’re not all hopeless, that there are a lot of Jo Koys out there. So he has renewed my faith in men in many ways. It reminded me that when you don’t settle and when people are like, ‘You’re in your 40s, you can’t be so picky.’ I was always like, ‘Yes, I can. I can be as picky as I want. I don’t need a man to be with.’ Like, I’m having this great life regardless of whether I find someone or not, so I never really lowered my standards. And it’s a good lesson for all women and anyone who hasn’t met their person yet, to not ever lower your standards because then someone comes along that meets your standards.

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