As for the new season of Botched, which premiere Tuesday at 9 p.m., Paul calls it, “Transformational, freaky, weird and just kind of shocking…What’s unusual about this season is we’re seeing things we’ve never seen before.”

Paul cited one particularly tragic case of a rock musician who suffered, “horrible complications with his lower eyelids. His lower eyelids are pulled all the way down so he looks deformed. It ruined his whole music practice, being out in public performing, writing, always wearing sunglasses and it changed his whole life that it pretty much made him a hermit.”

Fans will also be treated to the return of a past patient: Jessica Alves, who formerly went by the name Rodrigo or The Human Ken Doll.

“I had no clue when I saw Jessica, I had no idea that was Rodrigo. I think maybe Dubrow did, but not me,” Paul said. “That was a shock seeing that transformation, and it was a great transformation. I had no clue that Rodrigo had become Jessica.”

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