Fed up with all the faces. 

After a lifetime of being gawked at everywhere she goes, new patient Edna is eager to meet Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow on tonight’s all-new episode of Botched.

And when we say “a lifetime,” we mean it.

As Edna explains in this sneak peek clip, all of her medical problems began when she just one year old.

“When I was a baby, I was sick,” she tells the Botched cameras. “My dad told the doctor just to not let me die.”

The issue, it turned out, was “flesh eating bacteria” that had “destroyed” Edna’s nose. She’s since undergone four different surgeries in an attempt to fix the damage, but nothing’s been successful thus far. 

“I had to lead my entire life with people staring at me,” Edna adds. “And it tears me apart.”

Even worse, she feels as though her medical problems have negatively impacted her daughter’s life.

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