Describing her living room as “kind of bonkers in the best way,” Gwyneth then stepped into a dreamy, off-white space filled with unique pieces including a swinging couch, U-shaped sofa and black-and-pink marbled bar. 

The actress added that while she often relaxes in the swinging couch, she has yet to fully try out the bar. “I usually have some Japanese whiskey,” she said. “Unfortunately, I’m not drinking very much this year so I’m having mostly Seedlip cocktails which is like, mocktails or sparkling water. But, when the time comes, I will heavily utilize her.”

Then, she opened two doors to reveal an entire at-home personal spa complete with a cold plunge pool, hot tub, steam room and sauna. “It’s a bit of a spa moment happening,” she joked. “You know, I’m into wellness so I feel like it’s justified, right? Maybe I can write it off as a business expense.” 

While it might seem like a lavish amenity, Gwyneth explained that she and husband Brad Falchuk, who she married in 2018, designed their “forever home” with the future in mind. 

“When we were conceiving of the house and we were trying to think of a forever, forever home,” she said. “What would be the few things that are just so special and that you could use when you’re much older? So we were kind of thinking it’d be amazing to have a real spa.” 

Inspired by a Parisian spa, the room is covered in neutral-colored tiles and brass furnishings, and has quickly become one of Gwyneth’s favorite places in the home. 

“I come in here every day. I use it all the time,” she shared. “Whenever I’m in here, I’m like pinch me, I cannot believe that this is our house and we live here. It’s so fun.”  

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