Netflix’s latest publicity stunt is as mysterious as the Upside Down.

On Wednesday, Feb. 16, the streamer posted an interesting update to Twitter: a photo of a billboard that read in upside down font, “Every ending has a beginning.” Though the post didn’t directly mention Stranger Things, it didn’t take long for fans to realize this tweet had something to do with the horror drama.

For starters, the upside down message is clearly a reference to the alternate dimension that is connected to the show’s main setting, Hawkins, Ind. Not to mention, fans have been eagerly awaiting news for a season four premiere date ever since the streamer confirmed last November that the new season would drop this summer.

So it isn’t surprising that several fans reacted strongly to Netflix’s tweet. One follower commented, “Y’all cannot keep doing this. we are getting tired. we just want a release date. Or a trailer. SOMETHING.” Another fan felt similarly, adding, “We want a trailer and release date!!!”

To top it off, one said what we’re all thinking by writing, “Okay now you’re really teasing us too hard.”

But what about that cryptic message? Is Stranger Things ending sooner than we thought? Is a spin-off in the works? We’re guessing the note is in reference to the spooky Creel House, which was featured in a September teaser for season four.

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