As for how the new show stacks up to the original series, they say the shows are completely different.

Sid, who was a “fan” of the original and says it was the “first sitcom he ever watched,” explained that the writers weren’t trying to “make How I Met Your Mother,” they were trying to make it their “own thing.”

“Honestly, I really think it’s its own,” Francia added. “Now it’s from a female perspective. What I love is these females are their own women, that are inspired with their careers. Yes, love is a big part but what I love about Sophie (Hilary) is she’s not willing to change herself too much for anyone else, and if she does, she’s quick to come back. And I love the friendship between them.”

She continued, “So I think it’s very different. I think there’s nuggets that we drop in, but it’s not too similar.”

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