Over the past several days, Britney and Jamie Lynn have engaged in a war of words over social media, stemming in part from a recent interview Jamie Lynn gave to ABC News in promotion of her new book.

During the sit-down, for which Jamie Lynn has received widespread backlash, she spoke about an allegation she made in her memoir, accusing Britney of locking her in a room with a knife. Britney denied the allegation, tweeting on Jan. 14, “I’ve never been around you ever with a knife or would I ever even think to do such.”
Now, during her recent Call Her Daddy podcast appearance, Jamie Lynn recalled her feelings about the alleged incident.
“I think that people need to remember, I’m telling the story about what I experienced,” she said. “That was an experience I went through, and it was really scary. I felt really unsafe…I think it’s important that I say that, because I didn’t understand it. I was a kid. I just knew I felt really scared… I never felt like she was scared in a way that she was going to harm me or anything, but it just felt weird. I didn’t understand it.”

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