Introducing your girlfriend to the Terminator is easier than it sounds.

For 24-year-old Joseph Baena, having Arnold Schwarzenegger as a dad has some pretty impressive perks like priceless career advice and award-winning fitness tips.

During the Jan. 17 episode of the Unwaxed podcast, Joseph was asked to share what it’s really like to introduce a girlfriend to a dad like Arnold. As it turns out, the former Governor of California is more than welcoming.

“I’ve only introduced three girls to [him]. It was fine,” Joseph told co-hosts Sistine Stallone and Sophia Stallone. “I also have to point out that with my relationship with my dad, it took a little while for me and him to get really close and just joke around with him and talk about anything.”

He continued, “I grew up with my mom and I was just always nervous. And I didn’t want him to think badly of me to be like, ‘Oh, what the heck is this guy doing? Like partying all the time.'”

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