It’s safe to say there is no bad blood between these two stars. 

Justin Theroux showcased ex-wife Jennifer Aniston‘s wild side in a since-deleted video, which he posted to his Instagram story while wishing the Morning Show star a happy birthday Friday, Feb. 11. 

In the three-part slow motion video, Jennifer is seen lighting a cigarette before swinging her hair back and forth, all while wearing a long-sleeve shirt that says, “I’M A COOL BLONDE.” Taylor Swift‘s song “Look What You Made Me Do” plays in the background as Jen tosses her blonde trusses around and rocks out with her hands up high, ending in a final head dip back.

Justin captioned the end of the video by responding to her shirt, “Yes you are. Love u B!” Fans have long speculated what the nickname “B” stands for, as the Leftovers actor continues to post about Jen with it. 

He took the video down from his Instagram shortly after celebrating the Friends actress turning 53.

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