It’ll take more than luck for Sam to find sober St. Patrick’s Day plans.

In this exclusive sneak peek of Single Drunk Female‘s Feb. 3 episode, Sam (Sofia Black-D’Elia) turns to best friend Felicia (Lily Mae Harrington) as she struggles to figure out how to spend the Greater Boston Area’s most popular holiday. Felicia says, “Today’s gotta be a hard day for you, huh?”

Trying to play it cool, Sam suggests spending time with Felicia and her son, who she owes a nice day after an unfortunate Rollerland incident. “Could be fun, right?” the recovering alcoholic adds.

Unfortunately for Sam, Felicia—who is decked out in St. Patrick’s Day swag—already has big plans and tells Sam, “Aw, Sam. Sammy, Sam, Sam, Sam. I love you and your journey, but today is the day of my people. St. Pat’s Day is like my Super Bowl.”

Felicia goes on to admit that the holiday is “actually better than the Super Bowl” since she doesn’t have to “watch Maroon 5 shirtless.” Fair point, Felicia. Fair point.

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