Will Misty and Natalie become friends? 

We already know that adult Misty idolizes Nat, but the two haven’t had much time together in the 1996 wilderness to strike up a friendship. “I really hope [we get more scenes together],” Thatcher said, citing the hilarious dynamic in a “subtle moment” when Misty tries to find common ground with Natalie over their “secret boyfriends” earlier in the season.

“They are absolute polar opposites, and for some of that to get developed next season would be really fun,” Thatcher explained. “I also just want more scenes with the girls. They’ve been really putting me with the boys, which is great and that’s fine, but I want it to go back to the core friend group.” 

Hanratty concluded, “[The finale] just really just sets up this whole new world for season two.” 

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