The Afterparty cast is following in the footsteps of legendary method actors, like Daniel Day Lewis, Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Ilana Glazer, Zoë ChaoIke BarinholtzJamie DemetriouSam Richardson and Ben Schwartz spoke exclusively to E! News about how they got into character for the murder mystery series in which pop star Xavier (Dave Franco) is killed at a high school reunion afterparty.

For obvious reasons, we can’t divulge the details of the crime, but we can confirm these actors are dedicated to their craft. 

Brit Jamie, who plays Walt, shared that working with the cast was an intense ride from beginning to end: “They actually were really kind and very safely met me at the airport and threw tomatoes—or as you say, toe-me-toes—at me.”

Ilana took the lead in welcoming the English actor to America, joking that they helped him acclimate to the way things are done across the pond. “I was sort of like the captain of the hazing campaign,” she confirmed. “It had phases—we shot for like four and a half months—and it got dark for Jamie.”

Instead of viewing this as a negative experience, Jamie said it got him into Walt’s mindset since the character was an outcast in high school. “I think they were just trying to help me, they were trying to make me go meta,” he said. “I mean, everyone was going meta.”

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