At this point, Genevieve had had enough, letting out a frustrated sound while saying something about shrimp. “These are people’s feelings,” she added. “And this is so f–king unfair.”

While Shanae doubled down on the Shrimp-Gate drama, Genevieve shouted back, “Oh my god, this is about Elizabeth being in the f–king hot tub not wanting f–king shrimp. What am I not getting?”

No you got it, Genevieve, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

Eventually, host Jesse Palmer intervened and announced that Clayton had wisely (our words, not Jesse’s) chosen to skip the cocktail party and head right into the rose ceremony.

Shockingly, Clayton chose to keep Shanae over Elizabeth, cementing Shanae’s place as the season 26 villain. Later in the episode, some of the women gathered together to plot how they could send Shanae home.

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