Pour one out—a saucer of milk, that is—for Pot Roast. 

On Feb. 16 the beloved cat’s owner (who has never revealed her name for privacy reasons) shared that the popular TikTok personality had passed away following a battle with feline immunodeficiency virus.

“My little bird flew away at 11:47 am this morning,” the cat’s owner said in a TikTok video shared with her nearly one million followers. “When I saw Pot Roast this morning I could feel that she was done fighting and even though I wasn’t done fighting for her I let her go. She went to sleep in my arms. In the end, it was just her and me. And I am grateful for every moment we had together.”

After Pot Roast tested positive for the immune system-attacking infection, her owner revealed that the virus had spread to the cat’s bone marrow and her body was no longer making white and red blood cells. The sick feline was later admitted to the veterinary hospital for blood transfusions after she suffered a seizure due to low blood sugar.

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