Chris Olsen and Ian Paget know you’re devastated about their split, but it seems “pressure” from those well-meaning fans may have contributed to their breakup. 

The TikTok duo announced the end of their two-year romance on Jan. 7 and are now opening up about the reasons behind the decision. 

In a joint YouTube video posted on Jan. 11, Chris and Ian explained how being thrust into the spotlight and shipped as a “perfect amazing couple” affected them before they called off their romantic relationship. 

“Being in the public eye the way that we’ve been through these last like year and a half, two years, is wild,” Ian began. “And extremely complex, layered, pressurized, so many things. For now, we’ve just decided that it would probably be in our best interest to be moving through the world unromantically.” 

He shared, “We’re OK and we want you guys to be OK. And we just wanted you guys to know, just because we’re not together in a romantic relationship, doesn’t mean that we can’t work on a very meaningful, deep connection and relationship. I will always love this human so much.” 

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