Bonding over bleeps.

Moonfall stars Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson and John Bradley stopped by E! News’ Daily Pop on Tuesday, Feb. 1, but as it turns out, this wasn’t John’s first time meeting E!’s Justin Sylvester

As John tells the group, “We did some scenes in Marry Me together.” 

An upcoming rom-com starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson, Marry Me marks Justin’s film debut. 

Just don’t expect him to show up to the premiere!

“I can’t wait to not see myself on camera because I’m not watching it,” Justin said. “I cannot watch myself on camera. It’s the worst.”

Halle agreed, admitting, “It is the worst to see yourself. You’re like ‘Oh, s–t is that what I look like?'”

For Justin, though, “It’s the voice.” 

“I can watch myself all day, I’m a vain motherf–ker!” he added, much to Halle’s delight. 

“How can you say all of these things?” she said. “You’re just dropping MF bombs? I was just on a show and I tried to say a–hole and they bleeped me out!”

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