Jesse Palmer deserves a massage after this season wraps. 

If you’ve been keeping up with this season of The Bachelor, it’s no secret that Clayton Echard likes to do things his own way. In an E! News exclusive interview, Jesse, the 2004 Bachelor and new host of the show, explained what it’s been like hosting this season.

“A huge theme this season is there are no rules,” Jesse said. “Clayton is not afraid to take risks and make decisions that he’s going to own in order to find his person.”

During the season premiere, Clayton offered up a rose before the limos arrived and sent another girl packing before the rose ceremony. Now, Clayton is considering taking back Cassidy’s rose after finding out that she has a “friends with benefits” waiting for her back at home. “Clayton potentially now may take a rose back, that’ll be the first time that happens,” the 43-year-old former quarterback explained.

“And there’s so much more ahead,” he continued. “Things that [have] people, myself, and our producers sitting on the edge of our seats, because we just couldn’t believe what was happening. We had never seen it before, there was no precedent for it. This is going to be a really eye-opening season for a lot of different reasons and you’re going to see more of that, I think, coming up in this next episode.”

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