And as their dates on both coasts have begun piling up (though SNL keeps Pete tied to New York, “he’s planning to be in L.A. more often now,” noted a source), the evidence points to a romance that’s actually pretty freaking normal. 

In contrast to Kim’s courtship with longtime pal Ye, which began with the rapper-slash-designer wooing her with his Paris fashion show, Pete has been relying on the same dating moves your high school sweetheart likely used on you. 

“Like if you go to a great restaurant, even if I’m a s–tty date, it’s like at least the food was great,” he explained on iHeartMedia’s River Cafe Table 4 podcast of going with the tried-and-true dinner date. “I’ve always found that [a restaurant] or a movie is so easy because you don’t have to talk, or you can just laugh at the same thing and look at each other for a second.”

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