Brooklyn Beckham is putting his love for fiancée Nicola Peltz to the test.
Submitting to the GQ Couples Quiz, the 22-year-old revealed that the sparks were not initially flying between himself and the Bates Motel actress.
When asked about the 27-year-old’s impression of him, the model and photographer revealed that winning her over was not exactly a snap. “We’d actually known each other five years and we knew of each other,” he recalled. “I was actually friends with two of her brothers, Diesel and Brad, and she did not like me.”
But it turns out Brooklyn—David and Victoria Beckham‘s eldest child—is scarily good at turning on the charm. “When we started hanging out, which was about three Halloweens ago—which is where we had our first kiss,” Brooklyn continued. “We started hanging out every night and we drove around till like 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. All we did was drive around LA and you know, I showed her that I could be—that I am a gentleman—and you know, she fell in love with me.”

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