This cast is about to find out if love really is blind. 

Netflix’s hit reality series Love Is Blind returns to our small screens on Feb. 11. But before the pods open back up, we get to meet the group of men and women who will be dating each other through a wall. 

Love Is Blind became an instant hit when it premiered in 2020. Fans will recall that this show is all about singles who want to be loved for who they are, rather than what they look like. The first season was filmed in Atlanta, and this time 30 singles from Chicago are taking a stab at pod dating. 

If any couples form a connection, they’ll agree to spending four weeks together in Mexico and then getting married. No pressure though, guys.

In season one, six couples—including Cameron and LaurenCarlton and Diamond, Giannina and Damian, Kelly and KennyJessica and Mark and Amber and Matt—headed to Mexico. Of the six couples, Amber and Matt and Cameron and Lauren were the only two couples to get married.

Will season two end with a happily ever after and a lot of “I dos” or in despair with failed engagements? We can’t wait to find out.

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