Despite rumors of a romance, Madelyn Cline and Zack Bia are not testing the outer banks past the friend zone.
Netflix star, Cline, 24, and Bia, 25, first sparked relationship speculation when the two were photographed hanging out in late December, just a few days ahead of her birthday. Fast-forward almost a month to a recent episode of the BFFs With Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards podcast, where Bia set the record straight.
“We are not dating,” he said of his bond with the actress, adding, “We hang out all the time.”
But he was quick to add, “I think, as someone like herself who is extremely busy and is going to start traveling—she’s on set five months out of the year—she has such a busy schedule and I think I have such a busy schedule. It is one of those things where we really enjoy hanging out and enjoy going to dinner. But we never officially started dating and probably will never officially stop because we are just hanging out. We are enjoying it and not even thinking about what it is.”

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